Frequently Asked Questions

Your playdough will last up to 6 months, but can be kept longer, by being played with regularly and being given the LOVE it deserves:

Keep it:

Dark.  Our all-natural playdough is made with non-toxic ingredients, so colour and scent may fade over time. To slow this process keep the playdough away from direct sunlight.

Cool. Especially living in humid (sub-)tropical areas. The FRIDGE is a great place to prevent 'wet', 'sweaty', mouldy dough.

Sealed. Store in an airtight container to prevent dryness. Carefully close the lid of your aluminium tin can or jar.

Clean. Play with clean hands on a dry & neat surface.

Fun. Number one most important care instruction, no doubt! We recommend squeezing & moulding your dough regularly in order to keep it fresh.

WHOOPSIE - Accidentally dried out. Oh no, accidentally left the jar open? Kids, household, multi tasking, life...! We get it. No worries. Just try adding a few drops of water you may be able to knead it back smooth.

                     - Wet. Try adding a bit of flour and hopefully you can knead it back.

Now, Let's Dough!

It's hard to know what's in everything. Chemicals, codes and changed knowledge of what is healthy or good, can and does happen. Unfortunately plenty of toys, on todays' shelves, are loaded with nasties, mostly very well hidden.

Synthetic dyes is one of them. Synthetic dyes are derived from petroleum and have been known to cause a various range of reactions in people who come in contact with them.

Let's Dough uses only plant based colouring and all natural, edible, food grade ingredients.  Be warned though, even if they look delicious and are made with all natural ingredients, they still mustn't be eaten. ( high salt content and other dietary factors).

Every Let's Dough product has been created with the environment in mind. All natural ingredients, educational themes and sustainable packaging wherever we can!

Yay for healthy play!

Sensory play invites creative playtime for kids of ALL ages but our recommendation is +3yrs due to chocking hazard. Our kits, bags & playdough have plenty of play opportunities to match any stage of development your young child is currently in. Use under adult supervision.


Let's Dough playdough is made with all-natural ingredients. No nasties & non- toxic. Gently infused with essential oils, to encourage therapeutic and calming play.

Be warned though, even though they look delicious and are made with all-natural ingredients, they still should not be eaten. ( High salt content and other dietary factors).

We use natural ingredients for colour, scent and texture, using things like turmeric, spirulina, coconut oil, potassium sorbate, vitamin E, red sweet potato, flower petals, to name a few! Please contact us directly if you have any concerns about the ingredients in your playdough. 

The glitter used in our Let's Dough products, is made from NON-GMO eucalyptus cellulose, a renewable source that is biodegradable.

Please note, our playdough does contain wheat flour and gluten and while we don't add nuts to our playdough, it is made in our home, where nuts are consumed. We don't have any gluten free options available at this stage.

Ready? Set, Dough!                       

We most certainly do!  We currently offer wholesale purchase of our Classic Scented Playdough and / or our Mindful Playdough Collection only. Please send us an email with your interest in stocking our healthy playdough in your store.

Let's Dough this!