The Dream Team

Welcome to our Let’s Dough Dreamteam!
We are a mum & son team.
 Matteo is mainly the product tester, the kitchen hand, recently upgraded to product labeller and he is definitely also the idea pitcher! (Can you imagine if I put ALL of his ideas to fruition?!)
And me? I'm Bella. I’m in charge of his clean up
and all the rest!
Being the mum of a sensory sensitive & deep feeling child who is easily gets overstimulated (just like me!), I learned early in my parenting journey that implementing many calming moments into our daily routine was a must.
Our buttery soft playdough will encourage your child to slow down, reconnect with themselves and support their developing ability to regulate their emotions. 
I’ve always been an advocate for mindful play as my educational history* has shown me the importance of child-led, free, open-ended sensory play, preferably all in connection with nature and staying true to your authenticity. 
I developed these sensory kits to support this kind of nourishing, deep play.
And an added bonus? Playing with playdough is fun for adults too. The relaxing, natural scents, soft texture and beautiful colours provide some much-needed sensory relaxation for us adults too.
And all while engaging with our kids in a shared moment of creation and relaxation.
Bring that inner child of yours back to life!
Be prepared for some endless fun!


* My educational background spans degrees and experience working in primary, pre-primary and kindergarten education. I have taught arts and crafts, worked as a paediatric support worker and spent years working with children with special needs. Locally I have run a Holistic Learning space called Bloom, working with young children. All this experience led me to believe in the importance of allowing children to learn through sensory and mindful play at their own natural pace.